Jeff Fal UX Architect & Web Developer

Aurora Bank FSB Website

Details: I managed Aurora's website from the Summer of 2009 until the Summer of 2012 and ushered it through several adjustments. Here is a sampling of the site maps and wireframes I maintained through this period, as well as some screenshots. (The website no longer exists.)

Roles: Team Lead, UX Architect, Developer

Deliverables: Wireframes, Sitemaps, Code

Platform: Drupal

Improvement Proposals for Aurora Website

Details: The last major revision to Aurora's website was a set of changes to fix issues we had discovered in our analytics. These slides are from a presentation I made to our business partners about the proposed changes.

Roles: Team Lead, UX Architect, Developer

Deliverables: Presentation, Code

Platform: Drupal

WebLively Map Search

Details: Alternative health startup WebLively wanted an inviting search page that included a map of the user's area. I met with them, produced wireframes to help outline an approach, and I developed the map widget.

Roles: UX Architect, Developer

Deliverables: Wireframe, Code

Platforms: Google Maps & CodeIgniter



Details: Dungeonism is a role-playing game I built for iPhones. It was an ambitious project for one person to take on, and it took me nearly two years of part-time work to complete.

Role: Sole Developer

Deliverables: iOS Application

Platform: Objective-C, Cocos2d-iphone

App Store Link:

Green Democracy Responsive Site

Details: I worked on the Green Democracy site strictly as the developer, though I did exercise some discretion in how the layout I was provided with would respond to smaller display widths.

Role: Developer

Deliverables: Theme Files

Platform: WordPress